one year

One year ago I traveled to Spain to meet my husband and our three animal companions, say good-bye to the mountain village we had called home for the past ten years, and then journey on three thousand miles to the old farmhouse in the Pennsylvania countryside where we all now live. It has been a challenging year in many aspects as we adjust to the new rhythm of our lives, but we have accomplished much—successfully managed a transatlantic move (even if some of our possessions remain packed away in boxes!); obtained a green card for my husband; dug, planted, harvested, and preserved much of our first garden; renewed friendships and began making others; and explored the winding country roads of our new world.

Now that we have finally carved a bit of breathing space in our lives, I find myself writing more, wanting to document the days as we settle into previously unfamiliar routines on this new journey. Our lives have taken many detours to bring us here together, but we deeply believe this path is the right one for us. Welcome to the Baldy Hill Homestead. 🙂


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